Elect Kenneth DeLeon, East Point City Council, Ward B

Vote for the future we all deserve! VOTE on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015.

With Your Vote & Support, I Will Work for:



Safer Neighborhoods 

Lower crime and increased public safety
Cleaner communities and well-maintained gateways

Economic Development

Attracting quality businesses and services
Refocus, reinvestment and redevelopment of our downtown
Generating more local jobs and opportunities for existing businesses

More Efficient City Government

Affordable and accountable city services
Working together to insure our city reaches its full potential 


More Than Qualified

  • Brings People Together to Get Things Done
  • Decades of Unwavering Community Service
  • Proven and Unquestionable Leadership Experience
  • Strong Work Ethic, Passion, Determination, Vision and Integrity
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    2015 Campaign Donations To Elect Kenneth DeLeon Goal: $10000.00 Raised: $1100.00 2 donations


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